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St. Louis Rams Roundtable: Biggest Disappointment In The Rams' 0-4 Start

Sam may look happy on the outside, but on the inside he feels like this :(
Sam may look happy on the outside, but on the inside he feels like this :(

The St. Louis Rams are coming off their bye week. The bye week came at a great time for this team, being 0-4 and losing in the way the team has been is concerning. The Rams have added too many vets to perform the way they have been performing.

Going into the game against the Packers, the Rams have to perform like they did in the 4th quarter against the Redskins. The Rams have shown flashes before that 4th quarter, but that was the only time that the offense and defense both played to the level that is expected of them.

I posed a question to the turfshowtimes staff, what was the biggest disappoint in the Rams starting 0-4? From reading the answers you will see that most of us don't think it's as simple as saying this player is bad. Every answer is mostly different than the other, but all of the answers are real concerns and big disappointments.

Check the answers after the jump, and then leave your biggest disappoint in the comments. The next roundtable will be predictions about the Rams record.


The play of the offensive line. With the amount of money invested, you'd think we would be at LEAST a top 5 line. Instead it's at the bottom in the NFL Cesspool. No question, the biggest disappointment,


The receivers inability to catch. We drafted three guys that had the reputation of having sticky hands but the haven't really proved anything. MSW is also a disappointment so far, but he already had the rep of dropping catches. The loss of Danny Amendola has also hurt tremendously – who thought a small white guy was the glue that kept this corps together

Eddie P

I can't just point out one.  The entire team is my answer.  No area has been near what we expected.  The O-line has been horrendous, the defense is one of the worst in the league, and even Sam Bradford is regressing from where he was last season.  The entire team has been horrible this year and they deserve their record.




I'm torn between the WRs falling flat, and the whole team BEING flat. Where's the fire this team played with last year?

Douglas M

The defensive play has to be the biggest disappointment on a team full of disappointment. They look just as lost this year as they did in 2009. We talk about the unit having a gifted middle linebacker and some power up front, but we just haven't seen anything from any of those guys.

Ryan Van Bieber

The lack of discipline.  They continue to make the same mistakes over and over including penalties and the opposing teams RB's cutting back for big gains.  Spags team making same errors as Linny's did.

Mike D


IMO, the biggest disappointment has been attention to detail. There's enough veteran presence on this team to remove that excuse. Sure, you can stamp the "rookie mistake" label on plays from Greg Salas and Lance Kendricks (although that stamp would be out of ink at this point). But Brandon Gibson and Mike Sims-Walker? Billy Bajema? The entire offensive line? When I see Cadillac Williams drop a lateral screen and not even go after the ball, when I see Brandon Gibson run a route on 3rd down a yard short of the marker, and when I see Justin King, well, be Justin King, it's not a single player. It's not a rookie issue. It's a lack of institutional focus on responsibilities. Am I glad that Spags said they were going to work on the fundamentals this week? Sure, but why did this team have to go 0-4 in the fashion they did for that to become a reality?


It's the whole offense to me. Having a shorten off season really hurt the offense. Bradford has been regressing. It's not all his fault, because the offensive line looks horrible, the receivers when they get open, can't catch the ball. Plus Steven Jackson and Cadillac Williams have been injured and Norwood has been a no show.