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Monday Night Football: Lions-Bears Face Off

The Detroit Lions have not played a Monday Night Football game in ten years. Oddly enough, their last appearance on Monday Night Football was against the St. Louis Rams on October 8, 2001. The Rams won 35-0. Times have changed since then.

Detroit is looking to go to 5-0 on the season. Their franchise has finally turned the corner after so long in the wilderness. The Rams didn't struggle for as long as the Lions did, but the pace of their rebuilding efforts have fallen behind the work being done in the 4-0, 0-4 records suggest.

Detroit plays a Chicago Bears team with a number of St. Louis Rams connections. Most notably the coaches. Head coach Lovie Smith was the defensive coordinator in St. Louis from 2001-2003. Mike Martz, the Bears' offensive coordinator, made his name with the Rams as the architect of the Greatest Show On Turf. He also unmade his name with the Rams as a head coach involved with the infighting that nearly sunk the franchise.

Alright, enjoy the game, think about the day when the Rams start the season with four wins and discuss right here. You can follow all the action live at SB Nation NFL.