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NFL Draft notes - early college open thread

I like October. It has nothing to do with Halloween, or the fact it's Filipino-American History Month. It damn sure has nothing to do with Leif Erikson Day. I like football because it's a football month.

Sure, many would argue it belongs to baseball, and to players like Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, or (and if any non-Rangers fans recognize him as such, I'd be shocked) Señor Octubre, Juan Gonzalez. But come on. Baseball gets July, the dog days of summer. It's fall now, and that's football's season. Sorry, stickball.

The action starts in college football today with some prime scouting in the Texas A&M-Arkansas game at Jerryworld (it's not in my watchlist for this week, but I did have A&M in week 4 if you want my take on their prospects). For Rams fans, the WRs in this game should be the focus, especially with mocks already sending Alshon Jeffrey to St. Louis with the hypothetical first overall pick (h/t MTD).

On the Aggies' side, there's Jeff Fuller and Ryan Swope. In the aforementioned mock, Fuller slips into the 1st round to San Diego; should he drop to the second and the Rams go after a CB or DT in the first, Fuller would certainly be in play in the second I would think. Arkansas isn't without talent at wideout. Greg Childs certainly has the frame of a top wide receiver, but he's been used sparingly as he is coming off a serious knee injury from last year (he also missed the Troy game two weeks ago due to the passing of his grandmother, it should be noted). He needs to bounce back off a lackluster performance against CB Dre Kirkpatrick and a stiff Alabama defense. keep an eye on junior Hogs WR Cobi Hamilton. Interestingly enough, there are two redshirt sophomore offensive linemen on Arkansas who could figure into the Rams' plans: C Travis Swanson and G Alvin Bailey.

That should get us to the second slate of games. What are you watching for today? What positions or prospects will you be paying extra attention to today? Let's get it on.