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The T.O. Show: Moving to a Town Near You?

When you have such a polarizing person in T.O., it's hard sometimes to think that a team so concerned with four pillars would even think about adding someone of his aptitude for destroying locker room camaraderie. But then again, they did seriously consider Randy Moss; someone who has at least the same level of douche-baggery that T.O. has shown many a time. Purpose of this post? The fantastic blue bird we call twitter:


"How’d you like to be catching passes from Sam Bradford next season?"

T.O's answer:

"Would love it."

Of course, the Rams could certainly use the production T.O. has displayed. There is no doubt he's still a capable receiver even at his old age, something the Rams sorely need if they want to go places next year. Given the options in free agency, the Rams may actually save money by signing someone like T.O. as opposed to say...Sidney Rice. The Rams have been very reluctant to hand out big checks in the past, and in the case of WR's...well, we all know that story. So a lower cost option might be something the Rams are looking for, if they are thinking of getting a WR in free agency, instead of the draft.

So, if Batman wants to join the Rams, would you let him? Would you want him? Even though Sam Bradford's biggest purchase is a ping-pong table, I doubt Owen's would be able to say anything negative about him.  I've always thought of Danny Amendola as a Robin type character. Who knows, Laurent Robinson could even be Bat-Girl.

If anything, Owens is probably doing what he does best: drum up media interest in himself.

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