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Jim Harbaugh could get $8 million per season

Are you watching the coaching frenzy around Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh? His likely ascent to the ranks of NFL head coaches is the hottest thing going at the moment, all this for a man who has just two years of NFL coaching experience, as a QB coach and offensive assistant with the Oakland Raiders from 2002-2003.

Word on the street now is that Harbaugh could get a whopping $8 million per season, perhaps from Miami. That's more than Mike Shanahan makes in Washington...Washington, a team that doesn't think twice about throwing big contracts around.

For reference, St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo makes approximately $2 million per season in his three-year contract. Spagnuolo was part of the New York Giants 2007 Super Bowl team, whose defense, coached by Spags, ended the Patriots perfect season.

I thought the Pete Carroll contract was a little much, but at least he has a little more NFL experience.

The good news in all this, at least the 49ers didn't land their most coveted coaching candidate.

Does it make sense to pay Harbaugh $8 million per season?