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Andrew Luck staying at Stanford; draft shake up begins

Ok, this isn't directly related to the St. Louis Rams, but I know how many draft nuts we have around here. 

I guess you've heard by now that Stanford QB Andrew Luck has decided to return to Stanford next season and forgo the 2011 NFL Draft. 

Luck has a lot more hype than Sam Bradford did coming out last year, since most of the talk about Bradford was about the shoulder injury that kept him out for all but a token amount of Oklahoma's 2009 season. Question for the draftniks, how do Luck and Bradford compare?

And then there's the question about how Luck's decision impacts the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Who becomes the top pick? Luck was a lock before today. Now it's a wide open field that I suspect will change plenty between now and the draft. LSU CB Patrick Peterson or Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers seem the most likely top picks now. Thoughts?