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Random Ramsdom, 1/6: Pat Shurmur's big day

It's that time of year when the St. Louis Rams talk moves to all those wonderful things about the offseason that we armchair GMs do so love. And that's exactly what you'll find in today's mix of random Ramsdom. 

Shurmur interviews in Cleveland today
Today, Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is scheduled for his interview with the Cleveland Browns for the head coaching vacancy there. Despite what seems like a lack of experience, he's not a long shot for the job. Shurmur has direct ties to Mike Holgmren, who also seems to prefer a head coach with a background in Holmgren's preferred West Coast system.

Rams getting ready for the 2011 NFL Draft

The Rams haven't been waiting for the offseason to start draft prep. In fact, they already have a very early version of their draft board up and ready to edit with trips to the Senior Bowl and all the other draft events going down this time of year.

Worst ever playoff team?

It's not the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks who'll be representing the NFC West this year. Actually, it's probably the 8-8 Rams team that made the playoffs in 2004.

Bill Polian still regrets passing on Rodger Saffold

The Colts suffered a terrible offensive line this season, and Bill Polian has said more than once that he regrets passing on Rodger Saffold in the draft.

Travis Lewis and Ryan Broyles returning to Oklahoma

This is noteworthy for all Rams draftniks. Both of these players, Lewis as an OLB and Broyles as a WR, would most certainly have been on the Rams draft radar, given their team needs. The article also points out that the 2012 NFL Draft looks to be "heavy on outside linebackers." Now, is that all OLBs or just the 3-4 variety?

Da'Quan Bowers heading to the NFL

You can pretty much forget about the Rams drafting the Clemson DE since he'll be one of the first players off the board. Still, you and I both know how all those things chance between now and April, so keep an eye on him.

New mock still has the Rams going receiver in the first

A fresh mock draft from Walter Football has the Rams picking WR Justin Blackmon with the 14th pick. If they were interested in defensive linemen, a couple names around that pick in this mock draft are Wisconsin DE J.J. Watt and Missouri DE Aldon Smith.