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2011 free agent wide receivers: Malcom Floyd a subplot in the Vincent Jackson saga

Remember the Vincent Jackson saga? Of course your do, how could you forget. As the media frenzy reached a crescendo the St. Louis Rams were one of the teams interested in Jackson. The Rams were one of three teams given permission to talk to Jackson and his agent; they were even said to have an agreement in place, in principal, before the Chargers' asking price sunk the whole thing. 

It could happen again this year. Jackson is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent, but San Diego could easily use the franchise tag, at the risk of upsetting the receiver, to lock him down for one more season at somewhere north of $10 million. Or they could work out a new contract for him. Or they could try to trade him again, maybe around draft time when front offices renew their love for wheeling and dealing. Maybe the Rams will be in the mix, maybe they won't. 

There's a subplot in the Vincent Jackson saga, one that could make another talented wide receiver available to teams this offseason. Chargers' WR and Wyoming product (Go Cowboys!) Malcom Floyd is also scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent this year. It's unlikely, for fairly obvious reasons, that San Diego would be able to keep both receivers on the team in 2011. 

It stands to reason that the Rams would at least do their due diligence if Vincent Jackson hit the market this year, given that they were highly interested at one point during this season. If San Diego keeps Jackson, might the Rams have a similar interest in Malcom Floyd? He'd definitely come a little cheaper than Jackson, but still command a sizable contract as a free agent.