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Random Ramsdom, 1/5: Rams parting ways with DT Clifton Ryan?

The St. Louis Rams are getting a head start on personnel moves.
The St. Louis Rams are getting a head start on personnel moves.

What today's edition of RR lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Here's the latest in St. Louis Rams news and TST comment. 

Rams saying goodbye to Clifton Ryan?
In this end-of-season look at the Rams personnel, Clements points out that Clifton Ryan is unlikely to return in 2011, having scrubbed all Rams references from his personal web presence. Ryan's season ended early this year, and that fumble recovery that was two steps away from being a touchdown, and likely a win, didn't help his cause.

Sando on Shurmur, Holmgren and the Cleveland job

ESPN's Mike Sando offers his take on Rams OC Pat Shurmur as a candidate for the Cleveland head coaching job. Shurmur, with just two years as a coordinator, makes sense given the connections, but most of all, he makes sense because it would allow Holmgren to share the power and play a more direct role without actually having to coach the team.

Evaluating the Rams' coaches

Brian Burwell at the PD says Holmgren's interest in Shurmur is notable, and the team needs to thoroughly review all of its coaches during the offseason.

Plaxico Burress?

The former-Giant WR and handgun enthusiast's name gets mentioned in Jim Thomas' chat at the PD yesterday. What exactly did they have to say?

Bradford mixed on his season performance

The Rams first overall pick was mostly pleased with how things went for him in his first year in the league and getting to start in all 16 games. Of course, getting so close to the playoffs and not making it stings a little bit.