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Surgery, the CBA and Mardy Gilyard

A few players from the St. Louis Rams had offseason surgery, mostly minor, including WR Mardy Gilyard. 

Jim Thomas from the PD reported tonight that rookie WR Mardy Gilyard will undergo wrist surgery to address a problem that plagued him before he was even drafted by the Rams. Gilyard got some bad breaks after being drafted in the fourth round last year. He missed spring workouts, a crucial time to learn the playbook, because of the NFL's arcane rule that won't allow rookies to join their teams until that player's school has had its spring graduation, even if the player isn't graduating. Hamstring issues and this wrist thing further hampered Gilyard's season to the point he spent most of the later part on the game day inactive list. 

Gilyard needs a great offseason for a second chance. But there's one small problem. He could miss spring workouts again if the league and the players don't get a CBA worked out in time. If the new labor deal doesn't get resolved at al and the owners end up locking out the players, Gilyard's professional career could really suffer. 

One other surgery of note, Ron Bartell had a bone spur removed from his foot. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it's worth keeping an eye on.