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CBS rejects NFLPA advertisement

CBS refused to air an NFLPA advertisement titled "Let Us Play." The ad would have run on Feb. 5 on the CBS College Sports Network. 

The network did offer a  reason for the rejecting the ad which would have run during the NFLPA Texas vs the Nation prospect all-star game. 

As you know, CBS is one of the five pillars of the NFL's television revenue stream, along with Fox, NBC, ESPN and DriecTV. Together, those entities pay the NFL $4 billion for broadcast rights, and will continue to pay owners and the league even in the event of a lockout. 

Any correlation between CBS and the NFL's business deal? The union wonders. NFLPA exec George Atallah said that CBS' decision "is clearly indicative of the relationships the networks have with the league." More lockout info here.

Here's the NFLPA "Let Us Play" ad: