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Texas vs the Nation in another prospect all-star game this week

Another NFL draft prospect all-star game? My goodness, these things are getting to be like Phish concerts. You could get a nice tour of the American South, selling tye dye jerseys of your favorite 2011 NFL Draft prospects, following the all-star game circuit. 

This week, it's Texas versus the Nation (Texas being its own nation, you'll recall, especially when it come to football). Actually, it's the NFL Players Association Game, which takes place on Saturday, Feb. 5, following a week of practice. 

This game features players from schools all over the country, but is heavy on small school prospects. You can see the rosters here. Mocking the Draft has a sampling of players to keep an eye on this week. 

Of interest to the St. Louis Rams:

Mark LeGree, FS, Appalachian State - He collected a ton of interceptions through his college career, and could be a nice late round option, becoming an understudy to Oshiomogho Atogwe. 

Pitt SS Dom DeCicco is an interesting player, though on the margins of actually being drafted. At 6'3" 230 lbs, he a tackling machine under Dave Wannstedt; he also played at the weakside LB spot some. DeCicco was named an All-Big East First Team player.