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Random Ramsdom, 1/3: The day after

The day after. And this time there's no next week for a shot at redemption. It's over for the St. Louis Rams and their 2010 football season. A shot at redemption doesn't come again until next fall, if the union and the owners can get their issues resolved, a big if. Some day after reaction links and comment.

Try as you might to find an excuse for the loss, it all comes down to execution, or the lack thereof. The Rams offense couldn't establish a rhythm. It was a bitter end note to Sam Bradford's prodigious rookie season. 

The fact that our defense played great tonight, and the fact that we let the team down and we couldn't get anything going, that's what really hurts. 

Bernie Miklasz at the PD has the outrage angle covered. What exactly were the Rams trying to do on offense, is one very valid question posed by the columnist. And one that Spagnuolo and his staff need to account for before making tee times. 

Steven Jackson carried the ball just 11 times. Why Jackson was used so sparingly after getting used to more than 20 touches per game is and will continue to be one of the more haunting questions about this game, especially since he was running pretty well and finally getting some decent blocking from his offensive line and a little help from FB Mike Karney

The Rams poorly defined offense confused everybody

"Seattle played better," said Steve Spagnuolo in his post-game presser, one in which his disappointment was painfully evident. I don't think that answers all the questions lingering in the wake of last night's loss.