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Scouting the '10-'11 bowls - pt. 5 (Jan. 3rd-6th)

Last night sucked, but there is a tomorrow (metaphorically speaking.  I wasn't entirely sure there would be a today after yesterday...).  There are tons of prospects in action tonight and tomorrow, and well, there's a third bowl game too.  So if you aren't too sick to watch some more football, check out the Orange and Sugar Bowls and hit us up with your observations.

(NOTE: Draft stock reflects where players would be drafted were they to come out for this year's draft.  Obviously, there are "risers" who would be late picks this year that could come on for their senior years, but that's not the intent here.  It's just to give you names to look out for over the next few weeks.  Non-eligible prospects won't have a round grade.  Potential first or second round picks regardless of class are in bold.  BCS games are underlined out of disdain for the BCS.)

Mon., Jan. 3rd

Stanford v. Virginia Tech: Discover Orange Bowl (Miami, FL), 8:30pm ET, ESPN

Stanford: Sione Fua, DT (Sr., 4th-6th), Owen Marecic, FB (Sr., 4th-7th), Derek Hall, OT (Sr., 5th-7th), Ryan Whalen, WR (Sr., 5th-7th), Andrew Phillips, G (Sr., 6th-UD), Chase Beeler, C/G (Sr., 7th-UD), Doug Baldwin, WR (Sr., 7th-UD), Delano Howell, SS (Jr., 3rd-5th), Thomas Keiser, OLB (Jr., 5th-7th), Coby Fleener, TE (Jr., 6th-7th), Chris Owusu, WR (Jr., 6th-UD), Andrew Luck, QB (RS Soph., 1st), Jonathan Martin, OT (RS Soph., 1st-2nd), Chase Thomas, OLB (RS Soph., 2nd-3rd), David DeCastro, G (RS Soph., 2nd-4th), Shayne Skov, ILB (Soph.), Stepfan Taylor, RB (Soph.)

Va. Tech: Rashad Carmichael, CB (Sr., 3rd-5th), Andre Smith, TE (Sr., 4th-6th), Tyrod Taylor, QB/WR (Sr., 5th-UD), Steven Friday, DE (Sr., 6th-7th), John Graves, DT (Sr., 6th-UD), Blake DeChristopher, OT (Jr., 2nd-4th), Eddie Whitley, FS (3rd-5th), Jaymes Brooks, G (Jr., 5th-6th), Darren Evans, RB (Jr., 5th-7th), Dyrell Roberts*, WR (Jr., 6th-UD), Ryan Williams, RB (RS Soph., 2nd-3rd), Bruce Taylor, ILB (RS Soph., 4th-7th), Nick Becton, OT (RS Soph., 5th-7th), Jayron Hosley, CB (Soph.)

* - Roberts has been out for weeks with a thigh injury.

3k's Rams pick: Chase Thomas, OLB - Stanford

Thomas is a technician.  He's tenacious.  He's smart.  He's James Laurinaitis on the outside.  If he drops to the mid-3rd, it'd be a great opportunity to add talent to the LB corps.

Tue., Jan. 4th

Ohio St. v. Arkansas: Allstate Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA), 8:30pm ET, ESPN

"The" Ohio St.: Cameron Heyward, DE (Sr., 1st-2nd), Chimdi Chekwa, CB (Sr., 2nd-4th), Justin Boren, G (Sr., 3rd-5th), Ross Homan, OLB (Sr., 4th-5th), Jermale Hines, FS (Sr., 4th-6th), Devon Torrence, CB (Sr., 5th-7th), Brian Rolle, OLB (Sr., 6th-7th), Bryant Browning, G (Sr., 6th-UD), Dexter Larimore, DT (Sr., 6th-UD), Dane Sanzenbacher, WR (Sr., 7th-UD), Mike Adams, OT (Jr., 2nd-3rd), Mike Brewster, C (Jr., 3rd-4th), DeVier Posey, WR (Jr., 3rd-5th), Dan Herron, RB (Jr., 4th-5th), Terrelle Pryor, QB/WR (Jr., 4th-6th), Nathan Williams, DE (Jr., 5th-7th), Travis Howard, CB (RS Soph., 4th-6th), Jake Stoneburner, TE (RS Soph., 4th-6th), Orhian Johnson, SS (RS Soph., 4th-7th), John Simon, DT (Soph.), Jonathon Hankins, DT (Fr.)

Arkansas: DeMarcus Love, OT (Sr., 1st-2nd), D.J. Williams, TE (Sr., 2nd-4th), Ray Dominguez, OT/G (Sr., 7th-UD), Anthony Leon, OLB (Sr., 7th-UD), Ryan Mallett, QB (Jr., 1st-2nd), Jerry Franklin, ILB (Jr., 2nd-4th), Jake Bequette, DE (Jr., 3rd-5th), Greg Childs*, WR (Jr., 3rd-6th), Tyler Wilson, QB (RS Soph., 5th-UD), Cobi Hamilton, WR (Soph.), Knile Davis, RB (Soph.), Anthpny Oden, OT (Soph.), Byran Jones, DT (Fr.), Travis Swanson, C (Fr.)

* - Childs is out with a knee injury he sustained against Vanderbilt in late October.

3k's Rams pick: Dexter Larimore, DT - OSU

Larimore is a stout run defender with good lower body bulk.  He's capable of anchoring the push against the interior O-line or working in isolated pocket collapse situations.  He isn't flashy or athletic, but as a late day 3 pick, he'd bring plenty of  value.

Thu., Jan. 6th

Middle Tennessee St. v. Miami (Ohio): Bowl (Mobile, AL), 8:00pm ET, ESPN

MTSU: Dwight Dasher, QB/WR/RB (Sr., 6th-UD), Jamari Lattimore, 3-4 OLB (Sr., 7th-UD), Jeremy Kellem, FS (Sr., 7th-UD), Corey Carmichael, ILB (Fr.)

Miami (OH): Armand Robinson, WR (Sr., 7th-UD), Evan Harris, OLB (Soph.), Zac Dysert*, QB (RS Soph., 5th-7th), Nick Harwell, WR (Fr.)

* - Dysert tore his spleen in early November and is out until next season.

3k's Rams pick: Armand Robinson, WR - MTSU

Not a whole lot to work with in this game, but Robinson's an interesting late draft option for teams looking to upgrade the receiving corps (I think we'd all agree the Rams fit this bill).  Robinson had a strong rapport with sophomore standout QB Zac Dysert, but even in his absence, Robinson performed admirably.  If Robinson comes anywhere close to duplicating his output in the MAC Championship against then #25 N. Illinois (14 rec., 176 yds. and the game-winning TD with just 33 seconds remaining), he'll have plenty of attention leading up to next year's draft.