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2011 Senior Bowl recap: Christian Ponder and Leonard Hankerson win big

The South won by a score of 24-10. But this game is all about the 2011 NFL Draft prospects not the box score, so let's take a quick recap of the names that stood out today.

QB Christian Ponder looks like the big winner, or one of them on the day. Since the St. Louis Rams aren't looking for a QB, we'll move on. 

All week Miami WR Leonard Hankerson has made waves, not as the flashiest receiver, but a sure-handed route runner who had 100 yards on 5 catches with a touchdown to boot. His draft stock is scorching hot right now. 

Kentucky RB Derek Locke, who the Rams talked to this week, burned up the field for 35-yards on 6 carries. Let the Maurice Jones-Drew comparisons begin (maybe he could pack on 10-15 lbs though, depending on how it would impact his speed). It was a rough day for Noel Devine, despite scoring a TD; those size questions are going to dog him. 

Some defensive linemen stood out. From the "are they 4-3 or 3-4" group: DE Ryan Kerrigan and DT Christian Ballard stood out. Texas DE Sam Acho is a player to watch as well, but I still wonder whether or he can play in a 4-3, definitely not my area of expertise so feel free to weigh-in with your thoughts. Kerrigan got through DeMarcus Love pretty easy...though Love had a terrible game and week. He'll get moved to the inside, a guard. 

There'll be lots more tomorrow, as the national pundits start throwing out names and draft hype.