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Plaxico Burress: Rams should say no, Eli thinking yes

I've never understood the talk about the St. Louis Rams brining in Plaxico Burress. Today online at the Post-Dispatch, Bernie Miklasz further punctures that chatter

If the Rams wanted to bring in a 34-year-old receiver, there are likely to be much better options in a free agent market that could be a real buyers market with almost 500 players ticketed for free agency (CBA-pending). And speaking of the CBA, if there isn't one and Plaxico can't play football this year because of a lockout, well, then you have to assume his career is over. It's already a stretch to think that he can come out of prison and be in playing form, even though I'm told prisons have workout facilities. 

Besides, the Rams might have to compete against the New York Giants for his services. Eli Manning said in an interview today that he'd like to see him back in NYC. Here's Manning:

I think the Giants will look hard into that. I think they know what kind of player he is. Obviously he knows our system. It hasn't changed. ... If he proves that he's kind of changed his life and shows he's committed to the Giants ... I think if that's what the Giants feel, I know what kind of player he can be and we already have a great corps of receivers right now. ... To throw him into the mix would be a good thing.

Plaxico wouldn't know the Rams offense, especially since the Rams still don't know what that is.