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Jeff Fisher out in Music City

The NFL's longest tenured head coach, Jeff Fisher, and the Tennessee Titans are breaking up. No word if it's a firing, mutual arrangement or any of those other things. 

Vince Young may not have accomplished much in his NFL career, but his and Fisher's acrimony this season sure didn't help either man's cause. 

Fisher took over in 1994 as an interim, when the team was still in Houston. His only trip to the Super Bowl came after a 13-3 run during the 1999 season. You, of course, remember that they lost to the St. Louis Rams and the Greatest Show on Turf. 

Fisher was 2-2 against the Rams during his time as the Titans head coach, including the Rams' Super Bowl win. 

He used to have a sweet mullet too.

I'm sure he'll turn up again soon enough.