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Sam Bradford responds to Troy Polamalu in the Great NFL Hair Wars

  By now, you've no doubt seen Troy Polamalu's Hair and Shoulders commercial.  The image of a smiling Polamalu in Sideshow Bob mode will never escape my memory:


  With no fear in his heart, Sam Bradford responded in kind, sending shockwaves through the NFL.  Yup.  King Sam is now a spokesman for AXE Hair.

  Sam went the anti-Polamalu route, with a much more aerodynamic look:


With his clean-cut image and all-American caricature in overload, Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel invited Sam to show off his skills, his athleticism and his uncanny vision in the sport he loves so much:


Sam and that damn ping pong table...expect Polamalu to break out a foosball table as Super Bowl Media Overload kicks in.  At least he's taking his fame in stride...