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Rams considering increased ticket prices

One year after lowering ticket prices in an attempt to bring fans back to the Ed Jones Dome, the St. Louis Rams are considering raising ticket prices for the 2011 season...if there is one.

Hmm, it's a risky move. It shouldn't be as difficult for the Rams to sell tickets and sell out games this year. A surprising run at the division title, a marquee rookie quarterback and Steven Jackson surely generated more fan interest heading into the offseason. Television ratings confirmed that last year.

But is it too soon to raise ticket prices? I guess that depends. A lockout and bad blood spilled between the owners and players in the coming weeks could dampen fan enthusiasm, especially if they don't get a deal done by the March 4 deadline.

The Rams had the seventh lowest average ticket price in the league in 2010. Increased TV ratings for teams that have struggled for a long time, like the Rams, are usually an indicator of better ticket sales the next year, as fans wade carefully back into the water hesitant to commit hard earned dollars to a team that's been a disappointment for so long. It's a risky move by the Rams.

You're the fans, what do you think?