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Senior Bowl: Praise for Dwayne Harris

We've got some mid-day Senior Bowl action for your reading pleasure. It involved some reports from the North squad's mornign practice and includes a few players that the St. Louis Rams might be interested in for the 2011 NFL Draft, even one player that the Rams have already spoken with this week.

East Carolina receiver Dwayne Harris was one of the prospects that the Rams talked to this week, and he's getting some good reviews for his work today. Here's Doug Farrar on Harris in his mid-day report at the Shutdown Corner:

East Carolina receiver Dwayne Harris has been impressive all week - a real burner off the blocks and tougher than you might expect on a square-in

Harris was returning kicks and punts today. He wasn't without a few drops today some noted on Twitter. 

The real standouts in Farrar's report are a couple of running backs from the state of Oklahoma: OU's DeMarco Murray and OSU's Kendall Hunter. Murray's getting Jamaal Charles comparisons already, and predictions of a third round pick might be short lived as the hype starts to build. He'd be a great partner to Steven Jackson, but would definitely eat into Jackson's carries. Hunter had his quickness on display, according to Farrar and others on the scene, and even showed an eagerness for blocking. 

For all the talk about the Rams drafting a receiver, finding a complementary running back might be more exciting, intriguing at this point. It could really add another dimension to this offense.