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Random Ramsdom, 1/26: Senior Bowl, labor pains, and renal issues in Iowa

What are people saying about the Rams decision to hire Josh McDaniels?


What are people saying about the Rams decision to hire Josh McDaniels?



 - Jim Thomas' chat is always a good read.  It's an easy source to get the pulse of Rams fans and a sense of what's going on behind the scenes.  He gives a reasonable answer on Mardy Gilyard that's worth mentioning.

 - Over at the team site, Nick Wagoner goes back and looks at the first four games of the season.  Two solid victories and two missed opportunities.  Stretch it over 16 games, and that's the story of the whole season, no?

 - We talked about Braylon Edwards yesterday and asked whether or not he should be considered as a potential offseason addition.  Jeff from Rams Gab is firmly in the "no, thanks" camp.

 - At Ramblin' Fan, Justin looks at potential free agent additions to the running back spot in his position series.

Senior Bowl

  - The National Football Post is a really solid read for those of you who don't get that far down the sidebar over there on the right.  Wes Bunting, who covers scouting for NFP, is churning out great copy both at the site and on Twitter.  Yesterday, he dropped notes on the bowl in general and on the South squad in particular.  Former Ram Matt Bowen chimed in with his top safeties in action.

 - New 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh was absent from the weigh-ins, which raises a valid question: do you need your HC at these events if your GM is there?

Labor talks / draft / kidney pain

  - It's a bit outdated, but Jim Thomas' piece from yesterday morning on how the next rookie class is dealing with labor uncertainty is worth a look.

 - Could the NFLPA decertify in March?

 - Nick Fairley is still leading the race to be the top overall pick in April.

 - And just to close out, a strange story out of Iowa which hasn't been averse to controversy in the last few months.  After a grueling "100 squat" competition, 12 Hawkeyes' kidneys began failing on them.  Just a note to Spags, when your players are peeing blood, you might have gone a bit too far.