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Senior Bowl: A tale of defensive tackles

Sure, there's plenty of excitement around prospects at this week's Senior Bowl; however, it's worth remembering that these events also produce plenty of disappointment. Some players answer questions, some players create more. 

It was all questions and no answers for University of Miami DT Allen Bailey today. He came to the Senior Bowl with people wondering whether or not he was one-dimensional. Yep. Early opinion seems to think that he his. Here's what Wes Bunting at the National Football Post said about Bailey today

And after watching him today, I wouldn't draft the guy at any point during the first three rounds. He's a strong kid who has a good initial get off for his size and can gain leverage on contact. But he's a linear pass rusher only who doesn't use his hands/length at all to disengage from blocks through contact.

Workouts at the Combine would seem to help Bailey...hello Al Davis, and maybe he turns out fine with a little coaching. But, it's a good reminder about how not every prospect pans out. Part of the risk teams have to take. 

Another risk, one that the prospects take, is the risk of injury. Oregon State DT Stephen Paea, who was mocked to the Rams in this mock draft at, is out with a knee injury, and could be out for a few weeks. 

Taking Paea's place is South Florida DT Terrell McClain. Scouts from the Rams talked to McClain last week at the East-West Shrine Game.