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Senior Bowl: Names to know from day two

Practice is wrapping up for the day at the 2011 Senior Bowl, and a torrent of commentary should soon follow. For now, here are a few practice reports with some very special TST commentary around the 2011 NFL Draft prospects that just might matter to the St. Louis Rams when April finally arrives. 

Prospects galore after the jump, including defensive linemen, receivers, running backs and lots more.

It's going to be hard for another player to get the kind of buzz that Cal DE Cameron Jordan is getting now. He had another great day on the field for the North squad. He played both end and tackle and had no problems getting into the backfield at either spot. Already people are talking top 20. Here's what Matt at Draft Daddy said about Jordan:

He was shredding blocks in the pit drills, and dominated almost every matchup with a combination of vicious hand-play and a sudden first step. He was played at tackle and end and saw success at both locations. He came through like a freight train on the quarterback during 11-on-11...

From a personal standpoint, if the Rams can't get a receiver with the 14th overall pick, I'm not at all opposed to them taking a defensive lineman, especially one that can become a real difference maker paired with Chris Long. Jordan is a guy to keep an eye on as the draft gets closer. In fact, I'm not as sure as I once was that the Rams should actually draft a receiver with their first round pick. 

Draft Insider has a lengthy running tally of prospect performances this week. Following up on some names we've talked about already around these parts...

Wisconsin OG John Moffitt struggled to get a step on defenders while playing center. Moving back to guard, he looked much more comfortable. 

I like what I saw from Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray this season, and I think he has some potential to be a nice back paired with Steven Jackson. Matt's report from Draft Daddy said Murray looked good catching screen passes and others have noted that he catches the ball well. It's something to go along with his nice game speed. 

Another running back, Kendall Hunter from Oklahoma State, followed up a good Monday practice with an "outstanding" day today, catching the ball well and making defenders miss all over the field. He also got some complements on his blocking ability. He also had a couple of fumbles, so take the various scouting reports with a reminder about one man's prospect being another man's bust. 

Nice comparison of Murray and Hunter from Doug Farrar over at Shutdown Corner

This may not be the draft to find one of those old school, full-time running backs, but it looks like a good year to grab a committee guy...or even the suddenly popular micro-speedster. 

Optimum Scouting has a mid-day report too. One name of note is linebacker Ross Homan...of Ohio State, which automatically makes him a fit for the Rams, I kid. Anyway, OS said that he was the best LB on the field today when dropping back into coverage. Here's a scouting report on Homan. Can he bulk up and be a regular weakside linebacker or is he a slightly better version of Chris Chamberlain

Also keep an eye on UConn LB Lawrence Wilson

Finally, I feel obligated to follow up on a couple of receivers mentioned here yesterday. Boise State's Titus Young continued his fantastic voyage showing more consistency catching the ball and establishing himself as the "quickest, fastest and best route runner on the North," according to one observer

SDSU's Vincent Brown continued his excellent play today

South Alabama's Courtney Wilson proved that his day one wasn't just a fluke. 

More Senior Bowl coverage later tonight.