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Getting specific about Josh McDaniels' offensive approach

Since the St. Louis Rams hired Josh McDaniels as their new offensive coordinator there's been plenty of speculation and wondering about just how his offense would work. However, McDaniels' offensive tendencies are defined only by a lack of easy labels.

In a conference call with the press following his hire, McDaniels brushed aside requests to classify his offense. He told reporters that his goal was to be "balanced and aggressive" with his attack. But there is at least one consistent thing about McDaniels' approach and that's game planning for a specific opponent. Rarely, did his offensive game plans look the same from week to week, with Denver as a head coach or in New England as the OC.

There's a great fanpost on the site right now that goes in-depth with McDaniels' offense, posted by Broncos fan Tempestuous Binary. In the fanpost, TB cites two examples of McDaniels' game planning with specific goals for his team against specific opponents. The post stems from an earlier discussion on the site about whether or not the Rams would choose defer or receive on the coin toss.

As you can see, McDaniels approaches every game differently. The big reason, I'd say, for deferring early on was because he knew the offense wasn't clicking yet, and the extra possession in a close game was more valuable than an attempt at a quick lead (which wasn't happening until the line got healthy); after the bye week, getting a quick lead was easier and an extra possession became less valuable when the probability of an opening drive score was high.

The full post is an absolute must read for anyone who wants to try and get a handle on what exactly they might see next season from a McDaniels-led Rams offense.