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Carson Palmer to Seattle talk colors Senior Bowl rumor mill

In case you forgot, the Senior Bowl is also a hotbox of NFL rumors, and there's no bigger rumor source right now than speculation about what will happen with Bengals QB Carson Palmer

Tony Pauline at says there's a buzz at the Senior Bowl that the Seattle Seahawks would likely be suitors for the disgruntled quarterback. 

That makes sense, and there is that whole USC connection. Adding the 31-year-old Palmer would probably make the Seahawks a more competitive team next year and give them some time to develop a young QB. However, it could also mean giving up a second round pick, probably another draft pick too, and complicate their rebuilding plans. 

Seattle is one of three NFC West teams needing a long-term answer at QB, even a short-term answer. The St. Louis Rams are the only team in the division that has a cornerstone in place at that spot with Sam Bradford. Seattle, however, doesn't pick until 25th overall. Arizona and San Francisco are both believed to be considering quarterbacks with their first round picks in the 2011 NFL Draft.