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2011 Senior Bowl: Moffitt working at center

Wisconsin OG prospect John Moffitt was working at center today with the QBs as practice for the Senior Bowl got underway. 

This wouldn't really be newsworthy in and of itself, except the St. Louis Rams interior offensive line has been a subject of discussion today with Adam Goldberg and John Greco set for free agency. I mentioned Moffitt in an earlier post as an interior lineman to watch at the Senior Bowl this week.

The Rams could really use a talented interior lineman who can play guard and center, giving them some roster flexibility. John Greco, the better run blocker, didn't see much action down the stretch, when the Rams could have really used better run blocking, in favor of dressing a backup lineman who could play center too. I'm very anxious to see more of what Moffit can do as a center and guard as the 2011 NFL Draft gets closer.