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AFC Championship Game, open thread: New York at Pittsburgh

That's a little deceiving since the New York Jets actually play in New Jersey. But let's face it, as anyone who lives on the East Coast knows, it's all just kind of a subsidiary of NYC.

Does that mean you have to root for the Jets if you live somewhere on the I-95 corridor? Of course not. Besides the game's in Pittsburgh, a city having a sort of Rust Belt renaissance. It also has the Andy Warhol Museum...which you'd think would be in NYC considering that's where his Factory was and its role in the late 20th Century American art scene. Whatever. This game isn't about giant soup cans or screen tests featuring a young Lou Reed. This game is about....I'm out of hyperbole. Just enjoy it.

Also, I'd like to point out that I've made it this far without the requisite foot fetish joke. Hey, let the man have his harmless but strange fetish.

Whether-wise, the forecast in the Steel City is just like it is for Chicago: Damn. Cold.