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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: NFL Playoff Predictions

I'm not exactly sure who to root for today in the Conference Championships. Maybe you're having the same problem. At the very least, I can toss out a prediction, sure to blow up in your face should you use it for betting purposes. 

All I know is that I wish it were the St. Louis Rams playing today. They haven't been to a conference championship since the 2001 season, when they ultimately lost to the Patriots (cough, cheaters, cough) in the Super Bowl. Maybe next year? Ok, before I offer a useless prediction, I'll try to help you decide who to root for today. Here you go fellow Yojimbo. 

NFC Conference Championship

The Green Bay Packers versus the Chicago Bears, say what you want about the other game today, but this should be the most interesting if for nothing else other than the rivalry. 

Why you should root for the Packers: Owned by the people, and the only team to disclose their finances (because they have to) in the lead up the CBA battle; moving on from their Brett Favre past; 

Why you should root for the Bears: Vindication for Mike Martz; so many ex-Rams; 

Line: Green Bay by 3.5

Prediction: Bears 21, Packers 17

AFC Conference Championship

Tonight's game in the AFC looks equally as promising, and offers what ought to be a real showcase for tough defense. Which of course means a high scoring blowout...

Why you should root for the Jets: Foot fetish freaks are people too; killer pass rush

Why you should root for the Steelers: Steelers main man Dan Rooney (also the Ambassador to dear old Ireland) has come out publicly against an 18-game season; shutting down lame trash talk;

Line: Steelers by 4

Prediction: Jets 14, Steelers 10