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Big Game Party recipes for fun!

For all the sordid tales of my youth, I've always tried to keep the Super Bowl above the debauchery. Super Bowl parties are a convivial event, a time to connect with family and friends, mainline cholesterol, bitch about work and, oh yeah, watch the game. It's easy to forget about the game sometimes with all the event around it. 

But let's get back to the convivial thing and talk parties. I'd have any particular traditions, other than getting together and eating. Usually, it's at the wife's family's house...and that means meat. Lots and lots of meat. 

I've got a few recipes, eating and drinking tips to share. And I invite you to share your favorite recipes, traditions, horror stories, etc. In fact, I'll have a follow up post closer to the big game with the pick of the litter. 

Chili Sauce - I have a huge weakness for Mexican-influenced food, particularly New Mexico, and there's nothing more New Mexican than Red and Green Chili. The green is probably my favorite, and to do it right, you've got to slow cook some pork, a nice pork roast cooked over low heat until it falls off the bone in threads of meaty deliciousness. Red chili is much easier to make, though no less delicious. And you can put it on damn near anything...instant Santa Fe! For that I like to use dried chilis, a combo of New Mexico reds, ancho and guajillo chilis. The Anchos give it a nice smokiness. Use water and broth to rehydrate them, simmer over medium to low heat with onions, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin...and Mexican oregano, essential. You can vary it in several different ways, Vietnamese cinnamon can be a nice addition. Simmer it all for a while, then blend it up into your preferred consistency. 

Beam and Coke - Here's my real secret to Super Bowl party fun. Beer weighs heavy, and when you've got to eat all day that's no good. The Coke provides a tiny jolt of caffeine that helps moderate the alcohol consumption...don't chug the damn things.

Bloody Mary - I'm sworn to secrecy on the family bloody recipe, but the main takeaway is that you need a little more of the umami flavor than Worcestershire sauce provides, though you can't leave it out.  Be careful here though, because so many of the things typically have way too much sodium. A little fish sauce goes a long way. 

Alright, those are my Super Bowl party tips. What are yours?