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Can McDaniels inject a little more potency into the Rams' offense?

Just how far away from a having a prolific offense are the St. Louis Rams? Obviously, they need some help at wide receiver and another year of experience for key young players will be a big boost. Making Josh McDaniels their offensive coordinator was a huge step in the right direction. 

Albert Breer of the NFL Network offers a quick reminder about McDaniels' work in New England

In 2006, with players like Reche Caldwell and Doug Gabriel playing receiver, and a broken-down Corey Dillon carrying the ball, New England was somehow (Tom Brady had something to do with it as well) the league's seventh-highest scoring team. In 2007, with the cupboard restocked, McDaniels coordinated the most prolific offense ever. And in 2008, Brady went down, Matt Cassel started games for the first time since high school, and the Patriots were fifth in total offense. So the Rams might need help at receiver (Julio Jones, anyone?), but something tells me McDaniels will find a way to make it all work. And Bradford will benefit from his presence.

Yeah, obviously Tom Brady wasn't an inexperienced QB during that time, but the parts he had to work with in 2006 and the results achieved are pretty impressive. 

Can the Rams offense be that prolific next season? It's unlikely that they'll take it that far. Still, you wonder what is possible with a solid offseason.