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Rams might be seeing more of Marc Bulger in 2011

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Could former St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger be headed back to the NFC West? It's a distinct possibility. The Arizona Cardinals, who were somewhat interested in Bulger last year, could lean on another former Rams QB, only this one isn't as likely to take them to a Super Bowl as the last one. 

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic lays 2-1 odds on Marc Bulger as the Cardinals' next quarterback. Bulger would most likely be a bridge to the future, getting them by until they can draft and develop another QB. 

Here's Somers' take:

The former Rams starter was the backup in Baltimore last season. The Cardinals showed interest when Bulger was on the market last spring, but already had Derek Anderson under contract. Bulger turns 34 in April and hasn't had a good season since 2006. But he's smart, hasn't been hit in more than a year, and could provide a nice bridge to the future, whoever that might be.

The Cardinals have the fifth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. I suspect between now and late April, there will be plenty of talk about Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert at possibilities for the Cardinals too. 

The rest of the NFC West is rebuilding. The Rams should be transitioning from rebuilding to winning, and given a schedule that features the AFC North and the NFC East, they'll need every division win they can get.