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Turf Show Radio needs your help

We need to talk, talk about Turf Show Radio that is. 

Seriously though, you're number one internet voice related show dedicated to the St. Louis Rams is ready to roll, but we need some feedback, some input from the people. Specifically, we need your thoughts on how we should do this thing during the offseason. 

Unfortunately, we're limited by the service to non-prims time hours, which means it's either late nights during the week or various times on the weekends. Has the Saturday 6 p.m. ET slot been working well for people? Does anyone prefer Sunday? 

Topic wise, we have lots to cover, especially with the draft coming up. Throw in free agency, CBA fight and you've got a regular yak fest. 

So let us know what you think. Any topics you want us to cover beside those general themes?