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2011 NFL mock draft surprise of the day: Another tight end?

Since I mentioned the Walter Football mock draft in a previous post, which goes 4 rounds deep, I'll go ahead and point out the most interesting, surprising pick for the Rams:

Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph in the second round. It's a BPA pick, per the write up, but it makes some sense for the Rams. How?

The Rams need playmakers and he's the best TE in the draft. It's very possible that he wouldn't be available by the time the Rams pick in the second round. However, if he is, it would be the third year in a row that the Rams got a first round capable player in the second. 

You can read the scouting report on the 6'6" 265 lbs tight end here. He's got it all, from good hands, experience in a pro-style system, route running ability and all that four pillars stuff that the Spagnuolo-led Rams so covet. 

Think about this pick, and all offensive picks, within the context of Josh McDaniels, whose running the Rams offense now. It makes all the sense in the world when you look at the pattern of using multiple weapons in the offensive game plan. Rudolph would give the Rams another solid TE to pair with Michael Hoomanawanui and still allow Fendi Onobun to develop. It's also likely that they'll lose Daniel Fells, or let him walk away as a free agent given his inconsistency. 

Then again, you have to wonder if the Rams really would take a TE that high with a good player like Uh Oh and one with Onobun's potential.