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2011 NFL Draft: Receivers on display at Shrine game practice

2011 NFL Draft prospects gathered in Florida to practice for the East-West Shrine Game are working hard to boost their draft stock. Notes from yesterday's practice bring news of some receiving talent to keep an eye on, something St. Louis Rams can appreciate. 

Starting with ESPN's Todd McShay (yeah, I know) who calls the game a "pipeline" for receivers in the NFL. He's got a list of four names who had a good day yesterday. Topping that list is LSU's Terrence Toiver. At 6'4" 211 lbs, Tolliver's ability to use his size to his advantage was on display yesterday. Here's McShay:

He is a big receiver and today's red zone and one-on-one drills played to his strength as he could use his body to shield defenders. He doesn't have great speed, but he uses his body well to separate, has long arms and big strong hands. On film, he seems inconsistent. But on Wednesday, we saw what he can be with the right coaching and when put in the right position to succeed.

Tolliver is projected by many, for now, to be a 4th round pick. Requiring two tazers to be taken down in a bar fight can either be seen as tough or trouble with the four pillars. 

McShay takes a look at three other receivers from smaller schools. 

Chad Reuter with NFL Draft Scout talks up Toliver too, calling him "the most talented pass catcher" in practice. Reuter has a thorough run down of the last day of meaningful practices for the Shrine Game, including a couple of under the radar running backs: Greg Cooper from Miami and Delone Carter from Syracuse.