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Rams game day fan confidence poll

Nerves, pfft. Tell your nerves to shut their pie hole. The St. Louis Rams playing the last game of the season with everything on the line is exactly where we wanted to be. Dig deep into your subconscious and acknowledge it. It's liberating.

Hell, I don't know that I even bothered watching the full 60 minutes of the Rams' last two week 17 games...there was no point. And now, here I am, here you we are the biggest game of the season, against the hated Seahawks nonetheless, ready to kick off in prime time.

I thought I'd slap up a quick poll to put a finger on the pulse of Rams Nation.

A thought, a day of waiting for a high stakes game...this is where Spagnuolo's level-headed approach could pay serious dividends.

Oh, here's a little game day fodder for you: The incredible talking carbon blob that is Chris Berman predicted a big Rams flop tonight.

We'll have an open thread for the dayside games, and Turf Show Radio is on the air at 5:30 p.m. ET to help you while away the hours.