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Rams give Josh McDaniels a two-year deal

Though the salary information has yet to be revealed, the St. Louis Rams new offensive coordinator told the press today that he received a two-year contract. That lines up with the two years remaining on head coach Steve Spagnuolo's contract. 

You can imagine that he's making somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million per season. Spagnuolo makes about $3 million per season as the Rams' head coach. 

Transitioning an offense or not, both men now shoulder some mighty expectations. Having shocked the world, the world of football fans at least, by coming just one win short of a division title, just a year after winning a single game, anything less won't be tolerated lightly by ownership. Fans hungry for a winning Rams team certainly won't tolerate it. The Rams haven't had a winning record since 2003. 

After two years what happens? Turning around this franchise is likely to make both the head coach and his coordinators coveted candidates for coaching jobs. If they are successful in St. Louis, will the Rams make an effort to keep both? And what about a secession plan? Would either of the Rams coordinators be head coaching candidates should a vacancy open here in 2013? Stay tuned.