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Reaction: Rams make Josh McDaniels new offensive coordinator

I don't know about you, but I'm excited. The St. Louis Rams had fallen so far, but have slowly been putting things back together, rehabilitating the franchise with better drafts and a front office committed to winning.

Now, they needed to take a next step, a step to show the world that they are serious about competing and winning. They needed to do something to put them on the map, the kind of bold moves too often missing from the plays on the field this season. And that's exactly what they've done by hiring Josh McDaniels as their offensive coordinator.

Love him or hate him, McDaniels has a pretty solid track record with the offenses he's managed. Hiring McDaniels brings a certain amount of risk to be sure, but the potential for rewards in a wide open offense is exactly what the Rams need given the kind of talent they have at quarterback now with Sam Bradford under center...or more likely in the shotgun with McDaniels as OC.

It's kind of funny really. Spagnuolo took lots of heat last year for what many considered forsaking the Rams' Greatest Show era, which was really more about him establishing a new identity. McDaniels' offense will spread the field and hopefully put up the points, just like the old Turf Show did. Combined with a very good defense that we saw take a big leap forward this year...the Rams should be a force to content with, and we'll need a new nickname for this bunch.

This move puts the Rams on the radar, the national radar. It's also a positive sign that Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney and new owner Stan Kroenke are willing to take risks, the kind with potentially big payoffs.

Now, go and do what you can to tell the league that you want to see football next year.