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Josh McDaniels overplaying his hand with Seattle?

Ok, here's the latest on the Josh McDaniels and the St. Louis Rams search for an offensive coordinator: nothing. It's not exactly nothing.

The Rams have contacted other candidates for the job, and Seattle is doing the same thing. Jim Zorn is now being considered by the Seahags, and as Adam Schefter notes, he'd be a popular pick in the Seattle locker room. Currently the QB coach in Baltimore (after getting thrown under the bus in DC), Zorn has a long history with the Seahawks, as you may recall. Of course, that begs the question as to whether or not Pete Carroll would bring him back there, merging regimes and all that. It's also likely that Seattle is using Zorn for leverage, just like McDaniels may be doing with Seattle and the Rams...or the Rams doing with McDaniels and the others.

Is you head spinning yet? Hang in there. We'll get through it.

Seattle is also said to be courting Jedd Fisch, the team's former QB coach who was named offensive coordinator for the University of Miami last week. It's worth noting that Fisch was hired by Carroll last was Jeremy Bates though.

Falcons QB coach Bill Musgrave, one of the Rams backup candidates for the OC job, interviewed with Pat Shurmur in Cleveland today for their OC job.

Got all that?

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