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A plea to the Rams to not be cheap

The St. Louis Rams have long been the laughing stock of the league. Right up there with the Detroit Lions for their recent run of futility. But lately things have been looking up. Better drafts, a front office with a vision and new owner with deep pockets all portent better days for the Rams.

It's been said since September that the Rams need to make a splash in the free agent market this year, if there is one, but they also have a chance to make a splash in hiring a replacement for since departed offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. Former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels may be somewhat controversial, but he has a proven track record with the offenses he's worked with. And that made him the Rams top choice for their offensive coordinator position.

But today all those predictions that McDaniels would be hired by the end of the day fell apart. Reports surfaced that the Rams' "conservative fiscal approach" scuttled the talks. Since that's happened, McDaniels has emerged as a candidate for the OC job in Seattle.

The irony shouldn't be lost on you. The Rams handed a week 17 win to Seattle, and the NFC West title, with a conservative approach to their offense, an unwaivering insistence on a game plan in spite of the reality unfolding on the field. Seattle won that game and their wild card game against the defending champion New Orleans Saints by taking chances. It's deja vu all over again with Josh McDaniels. In fact, Mike Sando is already speculating that Seattle is probably favored in the McDaniels horse race.

If it hadn't been made so clear that McDaniels was the Rams favorite for the OC job, then this wouldn't be such an issue. But he was/is their man. Losing him to a hated division rival would over money would reflect very poorly on a franchise desperately needing to make all the splashes it can to sell tickets and bring back an alienated fan base.