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McDaniels now a candidate for Seattle offensive coordinator job

My God this is an awful lot of drama for an offensive coordinator, but Josh McDaniels elicits those kind of reactions.

With talks between the St. Louis Rams and Josh McDaniels stalled over compensation, another potential development has emerged. The Seattle Seahawks fired offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates today. Seattle still plans to interview Minnesota offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for their QB coaching position. The Rams plan to interview Bevell for their offensive coordinator position, and now you have to wonder if that's what the Seahawks want too.

And then there's McDaniels. Could he be a possibility in Seattle? Chris Mortensen's report earlier today suggested that he was in talks with other "unidentified teams," which makes you wonder if one of those weren't Seattle given what has since happened with Bates.

Sure enough, before I even finished this post Mortensen reports that McDaniels is a candidate for the Seahawks OC position.