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Rams close to hiring Josh McDaniels?

There's absolutely nothing, nothing official yet, but there is some talk that the St. Louis Rams are close to hiring Josh McDaniels as their offensive coordinator. 

A report from NFL Network's  Michael Lombarditoday says McDaniels will decide soon, "probably" opting for the Rams. 

That jives with a comment from ESPN's John Clayton on Saturday stating that he was shocked McDaniels hadn't been hired yet. 

Moments ago, Ron Clements of the Alton Telegraph said this on Twitter:

@Ron_Clements: @ottoman89 Nothing done yet. But sounds like something could be in the works.

There's enough there to genuinely wonder and give it slightly more heft than the average internet rumor or jumping the gun. 

Miami hired its offensive coordinator today, and it wasn't Brad Childress. Brian Daboll got the job instead