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McDaniels Headed to St Louis to meet Spagnuolo

The next page may be turning quickly for the St Louis Rams as Josh McDaniels is headed to St Louis to speak with Steve Spagnuolo, and one has to think this is a very good sign. The interview is set for today according to Ed Werder.

McDaniels also interviewed with the Vikings, however with their QB situaton shaky at best, and King Sam and all his potential sitting in St Louis, one has to think the Rams would be a more appealing opportunity for McDaniels.

McDaniels system is a lot less conservative than Pat Shurmur's, so really it's up to Spagnuolo to decide whether this is what he wants for the team moving forward. Is a less conservative approach such a bad thing?

Ask Brady and Moss how that worked out for them. Pretty darn good I must say.

If McDaniels gets the nod, it will be interesting how our draft and FA strategy will play out as we would definitely need more deep threats to throw to. But if McDaniels gets hired, will Spagnuolo keep a choke hold on the air attack, as many speculated he did with Shurmur?

We're going to find out soon enough... especially if McDaniels gets hired. Hold onto your seats Rams fans. This ride is about to get interesting.