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McDaniels and Childress in the mix for Rams OC job

Didn't mean to bump VT's post, so be sure to read it for more thoughts on the possibility of McDaniels running the Rams offense. 

We've got some certified intrigue around the St. Louis Rams hunt for a new offensive coordinator to replace Pat Shurmur who left to become the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. As of today, it appears that the two candidates for the job are Josh McDaniels and Brad Childress. 

Late yesterday, according to the PD, league sources confirmed that the Rams would interview Josh McDaniels. That report comes on the heels of ESPN's John Clayton telling local sports talk radio that he was shocked McDaniels hadn't already been hired. Clayton's statement may have been a little premature, but fans might know something soon enough. According to one report, McDaniels is in town and will interview with head coach Steve Spagnuolo today. The Adam Schefter, the NFL's unofficial oracle and the first one to report that Shurmur was the favorite in Cleveland, says that McDaniels is the favorite.

And what of Brad Childress? Well, there is one report that says Chilly will be in town for an interview early next week, Monday or Tuesday.  In the PD report linked above, it's speculated that Chlly may be the favorite based on his close relationship with Spagnuolo. The same report also wondered if an interview would be needed given their relationship. 

The question being asked in the middle of all this is that pesky one about whether or not the Rams need to stick with the West Coast offense to ease the transition for QB Sam Bradford. Personally, I think the offensive system argument is overwrought, unless you believe Sam Bradford is Alex Smith. He is not. I asked Doug Farrar from Football Outsiders about the impact of a transition on Bradford should the Rams hire McDaniels. His answer:

@TurfShowTimes A change from WCO would be fine. He's an a**hole, but McDaniels would be perfect for Bradford. Brady comp would come through.

If you recall, we talked to Farrar during the season about Bradford's role in the Rams' uber conservative offense, wondering why they weren't taking advantage of the shotgun more and Bradford's ability to throw the ball deep with pinpoint accuracy. Farrar had written an article for FO not too long before that comparing the Rams' use of Bradford to having a Lamborghini and only driving it around a supermarket parking lot. 

One more footnote to this whole changing offense theory: the lockout. If and most likely when the lockout happens on March 3, teams won't be able to hold their usual round of off-season practices, which would be of particular importance to a team, much less a young one, to learn a new offense.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

We'll have plenty to say about McDaniels and the Rams OC situation on Turf Show Radio this afternoon at 5 p.m. CT. Hit us up with questions, comments, etc.