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Rams offensive coordinator: Close to hiring Josh McDaniels?

The St. Louis Rams might just have their next offensive coordinator: Josh McDaniels. 

According to John Clayton guesting on ESPN 101, he was surprised that the former Broncos head coach and chief lieutenant in the Patriots offense prior to that had not already been hired. Called it a "no brainer."

Don't mark it down yet. This is just one report, but as smooth as the whole process with Pat Shurmur has been, from his departure to his hire in Cleveland, it gives Clayton's certainty some weight.

Sam Bradford, Stan Kroenke and now Josh McDaniels, the Rams are starting to get a little more attention on the national stage. Let's just hope the league and NFPLA can get a new CBA worked out and keep that cap in place or else football teams like the Rams will be like KC and Pittsburgh are in baseball.