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Done Deal: Shurmur to Coach Browns

After only two years, ex-OC Pat Shurmur is heading off to Cleveland to coach his very own team. There is no speculation here- this is straight from Mike Holmgren's mouth. Depending on who you are, this is either a blessing or a curse. Regardless of whether or not you dislike his play calling, you have to admit this is a great opportunity for a coach that has shown glimpses of how to run a good offense.

When he was first picked to be the OC, people were curious as to how a relative rookie would handle the play calling. While the team certainly didn't have a high powered offense, they didn't exactly have great play makers either. This year was a general improvement from the abomination that was Rams football in 2009, mostly because of Sam Bradford.

That, in retrospect, is probably why the Browns were so eager to pick him as their coach. They are probably keen on his ability to help young QB's, and Colt McCoy could probably use some tutelage. I see Holmgren taking on a very active role in the team, one that would most likely help Pat Shurmur tweak the "dink and dunk" fans so hated during his time with the Rams. The Browns offense, while not a powerhouse, certainly has some players capable of moving the ball. There is no doubt Shurmur is a talented QB coach, but after only two years as a coordinator, is he ready?

The Rams will certainly find out when they play the Browns in Cleveland this coming season. The question now is not will Shurmur leave, but who will replace him.