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Pat Shurmur and Cleveland Browns are working on a deal now's Jason La Canfora is reporting that the Cleveland Browns are working on a deal that would make current St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator their next head coach. They expect to announce the news, officially, sometime tomorrow. 

That's slightly more of a confirmation than the slightly less of a confirmation we had earlier today. Now, for the Rams and their fans, attention shifts to the search for a new offensive coordinator and the fallout on a young offense. 

There's nothing new in La Canfora's report about any potential Shurmur replacements. He does repeat the news that Josh McDaniels is a candidate. 

It was reported earlier today that Brad Childress, whose name had come up before only in speculation, was a "longshot" to replace Shurmur. 

Maybe I'm just talking myself into the idea of McDaniels, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe the whole continuity thing is overstated in this case. The Rams offense has been mostly geared toward getting by with Steven Jackson, a young QB behind a promising young line and a mediocre supporting cast that made it slow going this year. Barring some revolutionary change, will it be that much more difficult to adapt for Sam Bradford? I never got the impression we saw the full playbook on display anyway, partly be design and partly of necessity.

It might hurt the receivers more than anything, at least some of the younger guys who would be role players with the right offseason additions. Danny Amendola wouldn't be that out of place, he is the poor man's Wes Welker, you know. The promising young tight ends, Michael Hoomanawanui and Fendi Onobun, didn't see enough time this year to be too deeply embedded in the system. Etc., etc., etc.

The biggest question about the transition is how it will effect Sam Bradford, or, more appropriately, how long it would take him to get back up to the level of expectations that would be reasonable for him in his sophomore season.