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Who should be the Rams offensive coordinator in 2011?

It's going to be at least a few more days before the St. Louis Rams, or their fans at least, learn the fate of offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. The man who caught the ire of more than a few fans for the Rams stunted offense, which wasn't really his fault, is said to be the favorite for the head coaching vacancy in Cleveland.

Into that void a new rumor sprung up yesterday that former Denver Broncos head coach and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is a possibility to replace Shurmur if he leaves for the Browns. Naturally, that's elicited plenty of discussion. The key concern with McDaniels is one of continuity, i.e. would the Rams bring in a new OC who was not a doctrinaire West Coast disciple with a second year quarterback? It's a valid point of discussion.

Also among the possibilities is former Vikings head coach Brad Childress, a close friend of Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo. Childress is a West Coast offense guy.

For me, personally, the preferred option is to keep Shurmur on board, but it's hard to blame the guy if he does leave fro a head coaching job.