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Random ramsdom, 1/11: McDaniels mania

Talk of Josh McDaniels as a replacement for Pat Shurmur is heating up.
Talk of Josh McDaniels as a replacement for Pat Shurmur is heating up.

Another BCS season is in the books. And some coaching rumors about the St. Louis Rams. Let's dive in.


McDaniels identified by the Rams as a possible replacement for Shurmur
There's not much speculation in Jason La Canfora's report about McDaniels as a possible OC with the Rams. He states plainly that the Rams have identified him as a possible replacement should Pat Shurmur land the Cleveland gig. Of course, that's not the only offer he's likely to get. As far as reconnecting with Todd Haley in Kansas City, La Canfora says that Denver OC Mike McCoy is the favorite to replace Charlie Weis. 

More on McDaniels
It's a stretch for the Rams to find internal candidates for the offensive coordinator's job should Pat Shurmur leave for Cleveland. The Josh McDaniels talk gets some cold water thrown on it here, noting that he would represent a system change, something the Rams do not want for Sam Bradford.

McDaniels and continuity
McDaniels might also be a risk, a flight risk, ready to leave for a head coaching job after a short image rehab with a team like the Rams.

Lesson for the Rams
Some lessons for the Rams based on this year's playoffs from Bernie Miklasz at the PD.

Jacquizz Rodgers the next Dexter McCluster?
The Oregon State running back declared for the 2011 NFL Draft yesterday. At 5'7" 191 lbs, he's getting comparisons to McCluster. Hmmm, just how good of a kick returner can he be?

Auburn wins the BCS
All in all, not a bad game last night. The question now is what happens to Cam Newton's draft stock after showing that he could in fact throw the ball pretty effectively?