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Josh McDaniels to the Rams?

Maybe it was the almost comeback against the St. Louis Rams that did it? Maybe it was the moon and the stars above? Who knows. Word on the street, Daddy-O, says that the little man with a big video camera could be a candidate to replace current Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, should he get a calling to the greener pastures of the Rust Belt. 

After sticking Denver with Tim Tebow, trading every viable player and drudging up Spygate, McDaniels is looking to redeem himself. The NFL Network's Jason La Canfora linked him to the Rams today:

Coordinator musical chairs - still hear Mike McCoy to KC to replace Weis, Josh McDaniels to Rams if Pat Shurmur new HC in CLE as many expect.

Kind of interesting, no? The only thing that could stop McDaniels' offense in New England in 2007 was Spagnuolo's defense. United? Interesting to say the least. And I'm not as closed minded to the idea as I was earlier in the week when someone brought it up on Twitter

McDaniels and the Vikings had a meeting last week, but both sides are quiet. Some speculate it's because the former Broncos coach is waiting to hear what happens with the Rams...and Falcons, should their offensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey, land the Cleveland job. 

Intrigue! Drama! Speculation!