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Nnamdi Asomugha is a free agent

The cornerback who helped usher in the era of big cornerback contracts, Nnamdi Asomugha, is now a free agent, or at least will be once the free agent period opens. Oakland's top corner failed to meet certain incentives in his contract (playing time and statistical) that voided the deal.

Naturally, it begs the question, should the St. Louis Rams be interested? 

Probably not. Asomugha signed a three-year deal in 2008 worth $45 million; as a free agent, he will certainly demand an even larger contract. Yes, all of this depends on what exactly happens with the CBA. Of course, one thing you can bet won't be changed much in whatever new agreement is reached is a team's ability to give players dump trucks loaded with money in free agency. 

It's a pretty simple equation for the Rams. Were the Rams to spend the kind of money it will take to sign the 29-year-old defensive back it would mean fewer resources to address much bigger needs than cornerback, like say wide receiver...

Honestly, I feel sort of silly even throwing this out there, but Nnamdi is a marquee free agent and it merits discussion.